Polkadot-JS Extension

Creating a new account

Install the Polkadot-JS browser extension on Chrome or Firefox.

Once installed, click on the Polkadot-JS extension icon to open up the account menu. Create one by selecting the plus sign (+) and following the instructions. Be sure to write down your recovery seed; it is the only way to recover access to your account.

You should see your newly created accounts when opening the extension’s menu.

Importing an Existing Account

To import an existing Substrate account, click on the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner of the extension modal and select “Import account from pre-existing seed” instead. Enter your seed phrase, give a name to your account and enter the password that will be required when signing extrinsics.

Connecting to Creditcoin

Polkadot-JS APPS is a web UI for interacting with Substrate based nodes like Creditcoin. It allows users to interact with the Creditcoin blockchain.

Open the Polkadot-JS UI site using either the Polkadot hosted or IPFS version.

In the upper-left corner, click on the network ID to open the menu and select “custom endpoint” at the bottom of the menu.

Enter the URL for the desired Creditcoin network.

If you don’t know which environment you should be connecting to, refer to the Environments page to get a better understanding of the different networks and their available public endpoints.

Click on Switch to apply connect to your node.

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